The Tribe Game release!


For quite a while we have been working on game art for The Tribe Game and it has been released!

As good professionals we didn’t break the NDAs and it feels so good to finally be able to share the news!

Take a look at the official post and details✨ From the “The Tribe” website:

“The Tribe Game is a story-driven video game where the player gets to create their own custom character and step into the world of The Tribe. In this RPG (role-playing game) they will interact with many iconic characters and explore familiar places from The Tribe TV series. There are quests to be accomplished, profession skills to level up, items and resources to be found, battles to be won, and adventures to unfold… as the player tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic world and to keep their (and their tribe’s) dreams alive.”

Check out the cinematic opening from The Tribe official website

We’ll soon write more about the wonderful experience of making game art for The Tribe Game!

★Stay inspired★

A Walk in the Past – Feena from Grandia


Art by StarTwo

We bring you another old work that we did back in 2017. Meet Feena from the game Grandia!

Grandia is a classic long time favourite JRPG for us and you can see another work we did inspired by the game by clicking the image below, where you can see the image in full size and post about it!

★stay safe and stay inspired★

A walk in the Past – Vasil


After going through the memory lane on a recent post, we were also reminded of our character named Vasil, who we never got to post in the past but if Reghis can have his own post it’s only fair to give Vasil the experience as well.
Vasil is from the game called “Tree of Saviour” and his main job was swordsman.

It helps to reminisce about the games when there’s no time to play them.

★stay safe and stay inspired★

Book of Zhu – Ing Rao Event Image



Today we bring you a different peek into art we’ve done for Book of Zhu, a visual novel placed in a setting heavily based on martial arts fantasy. A glimpse of some steps of an event image of Ing Rao in the Palace’s Kitchen.

We posted Ing Rao in her chef’s outfit previously and she has one of the best quotes that can be applied to mostly anything to keep your motivation going. It goes like this:

“We’ve all got different Mak Ti, for you it’s fighting for me it’s cooking. What matters is that we both put our soul into whatever we do!”

We’ll take Ing Rao’s wise words and keep doing what we do, invigorated! She could think about a side job as being a motivational coach and we would register in a flash. But first, members discount maybe?

Here are more characters we’ve worked on:
Alternative outfits: Aya, Rani, The Empress and Eraeli.
Concept: Mika, Maru, Yi-Sunai and Zhu Half Dragons

There’s more about the project right at the Book of Zhu webpage.

★We hope you have a great weekend and stay inspired!★

Book of Zhu – Half-Dragons



It’s time to share a design of a race with dragon ancestry that we’ve made for Book of Zhu. What it means is that we got to play around to create a hybrid creature, making it mainly Zhuni (human features) with Zhu Dragon characteristics.

There were several features that we looked forward to adopt as the Dragons themselves are majestic creatures with visible mana bursting through their scales since they create mana and chi in their own mana furnace and also their wings are covered in tiny scales that make them extremely tough.
As hybrids it seemed interesting for us to keep the mana bursts in several points, specially as a feature that would add impact in a fight, a punch or kick fuelled by an extra power to land it! We would think twice before stepping on their toes…

Here are more characters that we’ve worked on:
Alternative outfits: Aya, Rani, The Empress, Eraeli and Ing Rao.
Concept: Mika, Maru and Yi-Sunai

There’s more about the project right at the Book of Zhu webpage.

★Have a great weekend and stay inspired!★