A walk in the Past – Reghis, the Giant

Reghis, the Giant!

A long time ago, when we still had time to play online games, we fell in love with Mabinogi.

Quite easy to guess our interest as the lore of the game was based on the Welsh Mabinogion, the earliest prose stories of the literature of Britain.

Funny though, that the game is South Korean!

One of the races in the game (a later adition), were the fierce giant folk! Ah, the joys of fighting fomors with one of these…

A screenshot, not a mugshot… Really.

So here’s an old reendition of one of our giants, a very broody and sturdy fellow!
It’s always fun to draw and give your own insight to a character, especially when the character creation had a few limitations. But that was part of the vibrant charm of this game which, it’s still online! Wow!

★stay safe and stay inspired★