Sleepless ~ Inking Video


Art by StarTwo

We’ve shared the inking and the full version, and now we bring you the inking video of the original illustration “Sleepless” from traditional sketch to digital ink.

If you haven’t seen the illustration versions here you go:

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Art by StarTwoSleepless_StarTwo

Sleepless dreams are sure to be a bit more pleasant if they happen in colour at least, so here’s the full colour version of the previous illustration’s linework.

To lay in silence,  waiting for the sleep to take over as the moons go by, the thoughts travel as if they grew wings, holding on under the starry sky. The key so close that you can almost reach for it, and yet, still out of reach – for now.

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Sleepless ~ Lines


Art by StarTwoSleeplessLines_StarTwo

A little inspiration from endless nights of sleep-deprived dreams that lead us to create these words and illustration.

“A Child’s Dream in finding the key that opens the Door of Quiet
Dressed to please, unable to sleep. Finding solace in keeping silent.”

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Illustration Details – Snow and Goat’s feet


Art by StarTwo


Yuki Onna: Full Illustration and Lines


The Goat-Footed Lady: Full Illustration and Lines

Today we bring back two details of the illustrations we’ve done for the very different folktales of two dangerous ladies, wouldn’t wish you to meet any of them…

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Shaman-on-the-Making Morning Call ~ Lines



Here’s a look at our apprentice, devoting herself to be a Shaman and her timely predicament (check the detail with her troubles right here), this time you can check the whole illustration’s linework.
A digital piece, trying to summon the feeling of the lines you get when using a brush pen, with that rich full stroke without losing the possibility of making the line thinner.

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Ciara, the Black Amazon of Mars ~ Lines


Linesforthe hot blooded reliable beauty

This is the closing of the Heroines Pin Ups for the Illustrated Stark: 70th Anniversary of Leigh Brackett’s space Opera, for which we made the concept art, illustrations and covers while loving every minute of it. The three volumes are published by the sci-fi fan favourite Cirsova Publishing.
Ciara and her lines, the tribute for volume 3, in all her fiery self, keeping an attentive eye on everything, just in case.

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Ciara, the Black Amazon of Mars


The tall blue eyed bird Ciara, hot blooded and ready to handle whatever needs breaking.

It’s time for the last book’s heroine to come forth. Praise Ciara from the third volume of the Illustrated Stark: Black Amazon of Mars by Leigh Brackett. All illustrations and covers of the three volumes are by us, StarTwo, and it’s published by the sci fi fan favourite, Cirsova Publishing.

Ciara is truly a character full of surprises. Not only is she master of the art of war but also owner of the true meaning of inner strength. It made us feel like she was ready to move mountains, literal or figuratively. And yet, there is also a sweet side, rational but not less giving.

As the passage on the book describes her well, inner fire is a strong part of her.
“The throat he held was white and strong, and his hands around it were buried in a mane of red-gold hair that fell down over the shirt of mail. A red mouth passionate with fury, wonderful curving bone under sculptured flesh, eyes fierce and proud and tameless as the eyes of a young eagle, fire-blue, defying him, hating him…”

She is fuelled by a strength that comes from inside, framed with long free flowing fire coloured hair, roaring and ready to stand until she can fight no more. Even then, she will surely be standing, pulling the best part of you to the battle, pushing you forward, not stopping until you are successful. We all need a Ciara in our lives!

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