Back in action with Japan’s Party/Festa do Japão 2016!


Oh dear here we go, getting cobwebs on this blog…
Dear everyone, thank you once again for sticking around and still being willing to continue following our (mis)adventures in the real and virtual world! We are back once again and will happily resume posting to our hearts content so please ride the hype train with us!

Like always, we went M.I.A. for good reasons, one of them being our participation on last weekend’s Japan Party! It’s the equivalent of England’s Japanese Matsuri in London and we were so glad to attend!

A hot, sunny day for a bright party! Koi, koi everywhere!

A hot, sunny day for a bright party! Koi, koi everywhere!

Helping to get the stand ready with Jan Ken Pon's team mates!

Helping to get the stand ready and realizing the sun was ready to cook everything alive. Better put those noodles in the shade guys!

We got invited due to our participation on Jan Ken Pon’s newest issue that featured a whole story from 2010 by 50% StarTwo (here’s looking at the Cat) and it was just perfect for the party. The theme was chosen and celebrated the 150 years of friendship between Portugal and Japan.


It made our hearts skip a beat to be honest ♥

Apart from helping promote the Jan Ken Pon’s comic newspaper, we were also there to give autographs and make some portraits and since we had the time for it, we actually had a little Japan Party Souvenir ready! If anyone wants to buy one of these, get in touch, thank you!

Portraits, check. Souvenir quimono gal, check...

Portraits, check. Souvenir quimono gal, check…


One friendly Cat, check!

13494839_934833863299817_3148206751554972286_nAnd soon enough… the madness begun. It was the first time we went to the Japan Party so we had no clue what would happen. But because we were in an open space, people started to approach us even before the event started. We truly wished we had pretty pictures of everything that went on stage but…

Draw faster!! Relax we got this, I t-think!

Draw faster!! Relax we got this, I t-think!

… but soon this was our reality. It’s bizniss as usual for us. We’re so happy about that but boy, it was really demanding, especially as the day progressed. Next time, hats. Definitely hats. If you guys ever have to draw outside, even inside a comfy stand, get hats.

Our many thanks to Jan Ken Pon who took some of these photos and to everyone who gave us a hand, spoke to us and congratulated us on our work! We will aim for better, always!

Apologies if we sound too hyper. Chocolate cookies and coffee are the culprits. Take care everyone! See you soon!



Late adventures welcome 2016!


Hello everyone,

We would like to wish you a very tardy yet merry Happy New Year! For us it still feels a bit surreal that another year went by, but that’s often the rule and not the exception.

2015 was an amazing year. We feel like it was a year for inner growth and to decide to put ourselves more “out there”. It’s still a work in progress but do check our previous posts to know more <3

But now onwards to some new content or at least, a long due update! It’s also the reason why we evaporated from the web for a while.

Among finishing our projects (FNF, Bartkira), we had two events in less than a month to attend.

The first was Iberanime Opo, an anime event that is huge here in Portugal and the second was Comic Con Portugal, an even larger event with people from around the world attending and us, with spinning eyes and “busy” as our middle name, trying to keep up!

We sadly don’t have many photos to share, (we spent most of our time with the nose glued to the paper!) but here’s a little gallery just for you.

We hope you had wonderful holidays and a great 2016 start . As for us, let’s get the engines started and try our best this year too!

Let’s get busy!