StarTwo Inktober 2019 – Day 21


No matter the reason, war is war

The day is coming to an end but the battle has just begun. Doubting himself and his master’s intentions, this knight has a heavy mind and a heavy heart.

Once everybody’s asleep, he’ll make his move.

★stay inspired★

StarTwo Inktober 2019 – Day 19


Traveling alone wasn’t such a great idea after all

Safety in numbers is to be expected however, even when travelling in groups, one could end up robbed or killed by one of the fellow travellers no less.

This travelling knight decided it would be best to brave the road by himself but alas when night came ill-luck caught up with him.

And it had to be raining too…

★Stay dry and stay inspired★

StarTwo Inktober 2019 – Day 17


Fresh out of practice

Present throughout history, horned helmets have always been popular among knights. They were particularly popular in tournaments.
You’d think these impractical adornments would stay out of a battlefield but that wasn’t the case.

Be it respect to gods or to pay tribute to one’s Coat of Arms, they sure were stylish.

*stay inspired*

StarTwo Inktober 2019 – Day 13


And a toast to you, my dear

Raising his glass to congratulate the King on his new conquests was fine and dandy, but much more worth it was to greet an enchanting maiden, from across the table.
With all the commotion it was hard to tell if she had noticed him, but it’s the intention that counts and perhaps after draining the goblet of its content, this Knight will feel bold enough to have a word or two with her.

★Salut and stay inspired★

StarTwo Inktober 2019 – Day 11


Please be kind to your squires.

Squires were unfortunate young souls who had to deal with grumpy knights who wanted their armor on in less than twenty seconds. Well, we supposed that’s not entirely true but we wanted to portray a poor boy on his first day of being a squire and having to deal with a rather hot-blooded knight. We’ll be cheering him on and hoping he gets to be a Page someday! Please don’t kill him, Sir Taurus.

★Stay calm and stay inspired★