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Today we revisit -with a clearer lens- an old work and statement. This one goes back to Inktober from 2016, and you can read it right ▪here▪

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Ciara, the Black Amazon of Mars ~ Lines



Linesforthe hot blooded reliable beauty

This is the closing of the Heroines Pin Ups for the Illustrated Stark: 70th Anniversary of Leigh Brackett’s space Opera, for which we made the concept art, illustrations and covers while loving every minute of it. The three volumes are published by the sci-fi fan favourite Cirsova Publishing.
Ciara and her lines, the tribute for volume 3, in all her fiery self, keeping an attentive eye on everything, just in case.

Don’t miss the original finished illustrations and their lines as well:
Volume 1: Berild and Berild’s Lines
Volume 2: Varra and Varra’s Lines
Volume 3: Ciara and her lines are right on this post!

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