A Portuguese Folktale: The Jew, the Squire and the Partridges ~ Preview


Art by StarTwo

Life these Holidays has been very creative to say the least, and as a result we’ve had some sinuous road to drive lately but we’ve been able to manage and to break this slight interruption, we’re back with another Folktale.

Make sure to check this Friday’s post for the story on this illustration preview!

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Portuguese Folktales. Thirteen Posts in One!


Art by StarTwo

It is a wonder to realize that we’ve been translating Portuguese Folktales for about two years already. Such a delight!
In this way, we (hopefully) have been providing you, dear readers, a source of quirky entertainment and also share our illustrations, which are something we adore to do.

We have decided thus to go back in memory lane and invite you to check all the folktales we have translated, adapted and illustrated and help us decide – up to now March 2021 – which is the best!
And to help you on your quest, we have prepared a little description of each, in our best Netflix style! Please enjoy and do let us know which is your favourite! It will help us decide what kind of tales we should share next!

1: The Aunts – posted on January 15, 2019
Because her own grandmother deemed her too good to even marry a king, the young girl in this story will need to face three impossible tasks. Impossible to those who don’t possess the help of three “aunts”, that is.

2: The Goat-Footed Lady – posted on January 25, 2019
Beautiful and mysterious, the woman Sir Diogo fell in love with had only one rule: never make the sign of the holy cross ever again. They marry and have two children together, but can Sir Diogo keep his promise?

3: The Spider Bride – posted on March 22, 2019
A seemingly inept boy and a hardworking, tiny spider. Will this be a perfect match?

4: D. Caio/Sir Fall – posted on May 3, 2019
Some people learn the hard way that bragging about skills you don’t have, is not a good idea.

5: The Maiden’s Pearls – posted on June 21, 2019
Envy and greed await the Maiden and her brother and their sole saviour is a talking dog named Cylindra!

6: Cardil, the Bull – posted on August 9, 2019
Because of a gentleman’s bet, a King’s servant has his loyalty tested in a most disloyal way.

7: Almond Trees – posted on August 30, 2019
The beautiful, romantic legend of how Portugal got its famed almond trees.

8: The Magician – posted on November 22, 2019
Impetuous and too full of himself, a young lad learns that magical powers can bring either fortune or doom.

9: The Ingratitude Of Children – posted on December 6, 2019
An elderly father decides to teach his daughters the ultimate life lesson.

10: Story From Below The Ground – posted on January 10, 2020
Forced to go live underground with a mysterious being, this girl will have her life thrown upside down until the very end.

11: The Envious Queen Part 1 and 2 – posted on July 17 and on July 31, 2020
A naïve young girl protected by her elderly father’s will and magic comes face to face with an envious, malignant queen. What could go wrong?

12: The Knight And The Pact With The Devil – posted on February 19 2021
Beware of sweet temptation, easy riches and the power of the Holy Virgin!

13: The Tower of Babylon – posted on March 19, 2021
A Maiden. A Tower.  Brother’s love and brother’s jealousy. Is their bond as thick as an old woman’s hair?

Let us know on the comments section which is your favourite and why – we’re really curious to know!

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Creature Feature – The Enchanted Moorish Maiden ~ Video


Art by StarTwo

We revisit the Enchanted Moura with a video of the digital inking process.

A lament in the wind whispering “Save Me”, a voice impossible to ignore pulls you towards the direction that made the hair on the back of your neck stand. But the dulcet voice is too sad and you feel compelled to accept the challenge to free her of this cursed afterlife. And you advance as many have done before… At your own risk.

Check the lines and full colour posts on the links below!

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A Portuguese Folktale: The Magician ~ Lines


Art by StarTwo

This is the linework where you can see clearly all the elements we picked for this Magician’s apprentice illustration.
Each one of them is meant to link to the story, so make sure you don’t miss it by reading the tale and see the full version of the original illustration. You can quickly go there by clicking on the link below!


Click here to see the story and full colour illustration!

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Creature Feature – The Enchanted Moorish Maiden ~ Lines


Art by StarTwo

Our Enchanted Moorish Maiden still lingers waiting for someone to break the curse, knowing that freedom will require someone with bravery – and knowledge of the dangers.  Here are the lines from her Creature Feature full colour post.

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