In between work: A job that is never done – sketch


Art by StarTwo

You know those moments when your body gets too tense and you just have to get up and wiggle around and jiggle a bit to get that tension off? Doing a loose 30 minute sketch is sometimes what we do when juggling the tasks of several projects gets a bit overwhelming.

In a harsher world, it’s her turn to keep an eye on the premises, making sure that the coast is clear. And nothing menaces ill-meaning people like a knitted mask toppled with fur.
Stay away if your intentions are bad, but know that you’re in good hands if you mean well!

★stay inspired★

Inktober 2016 – Day 26



Speak not what you wish not

Forget about the little demon on your shoulder telling you to say evil things, this one not only wouldn’t feel that comfortable standing on your shoulder… But he also tells you not to say things you don’t mean.
His punishing is harsher than his advising!

Inktober 2016 – Day 23


inktober_23_by_startwoStill hyping about Persona 5, this time we bring you Fox! We’re a bit torn with this one because he was supposed to be doing the hand gesture for fox in japanese but it turned out more… Sailormoonish (or heavy metal). Oh well, since they punish people, it still applies? Darn it… we’ll do better next time.