Hibernation Over & Dia do Japão 2017


Oh… Hey there!

What warm light is this? Is the weather warming up?
Hah, as if the reason for our silence was sweet rested hibernation, no, not at all… How did the saying go… No rest for the weary?(no, not the wicked…) Rightly so, but we are far from complaining as health is finally being recovered, the new place is very comfy and sunny and we are happily busy since the beginning of this year!

We just returned from an event, Dia do Japão (Japan’s Day) organized by the Liga de Estudos Asiáticos at Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa (Faculty of Humanities of the University of Lisbon) We loved the day and met wonderful people, some don’t know how close they were of being hugged to death unconsciousness, stuck on our pocket and taken home♥ we want to thank everyone at the lovely organization for all the attention and care they provided us!


We didn’t get the chance to take many pictures but here’s at least one of them♥

We hope everyone has been treated well by 2017 up to now and if not, we hope things start getting better from here on.
Have a great week and take care!★★

Inktober 2016 – Day 25


Smile, Ivan! Ok… That’s too much…

You can’t expect a mountain beast to give out the brightest of smiles when he’s not used to it…

Late adventures welcome 2016!


Hello everyone,

We would like to wish you a very tardy yet merry Happy New Year! For us it still feels a bit surreal that another year went by, but that’s often the rule and not the exception.

2015 was an amazing year. We feel like it was a year for inner growth and to decide to put ourselves more “out there”. It’s still a work in progress but do check our previous posts to know more <3

But now onwards to some new content or at least, a long due update! It’s also the reason why we evaporated from the web for a while.

Among finishing our projects (FNF, Bartkira), we had two events in less than a month to attend.

The first was Iberanime Opo, an anime event that is huge here in Portugal and the second was Comic Con Portugal, an even larger event with people from around the world attending and us, with spinning eyes and “busy” as our middle name, trying to keep up!

We sadly don’t have many photos to share, (we spent most of our time with the nose glued to the paper!) but here’s a little gallery just for you.

We hope you had wonderful holidays and a great 2016 start . As for us, let’s get the engines started and try our best this year too!

Let’s get busy!