A Portuguese Folktale: The Spider (Bride)



Portuguese folk tale time!
This charming little story seems to favor those that have a happy-go-lucky attitude towards life but nevertheless learn the value of being hardworking!
So without further ado, here it is, under the cut:

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A Portuguese Folk Tale: The Spider Bride WIP



Hello everyone!
Here’s the work in progress for the illustration of a Portuguese Folk Tale named “The Spider Bride”. We’re looking forward to posting this one very soon!

★stay inspired★

A Portuguese Folk tale: The Goat-footed Lady


“Forward, my son. You will win.”

Lenda da Dama Pé de Cabra / Tale of the Goat-footed Lady

There are a lot of Portuguese folk tales translated out there but of course we had to go for one of the exceptions, since we couldn’t find it translated… Nevertheless, here is our attempt to translate the version we got inspired from, in hopes that you too will enjoy it as much as we did since we were small.

This is a story from the 11th century, compiled by a great Portuguese writer, historian, journalist and poet named Alexandre Herculano.

Here we go:

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