A Portuguese Folk Tale – Cardil, the Bull ~ Lines



The colour illustration for the folktale of “Cardil, the Bull” wouldn’t be complete without at least a detail of its lines.
Poor Cardil… If you’re wondering why he’s looking so upset, don’t miss the opportunity to read the story on our previous post. Or even quicker, by clicking right here.

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A Portuguese Folk Tale – Cardil, the Bull



Today’s folktale is a simple tale of Temptation versus Loyalty swirling around a prized bull named Cardil. Curiously, we were unable to discover the meaning of the name in Portuguese, but we discovered the name in Ireland having its origins in an old Gaelic word, “ardghal”, which means “high valor”.  Very fitting for the esteemed pet of a king!
This story, with deep roots in Portuguese tradition is usually told in the island of Madeira, in the region of Algarve and the city of Coimbra. In the Sicilian tales we discovered a similar tale but instead of a bull, it is a goat that will test the hero’s faithfulness.

Now without further ado, let’s begin our retelling of this tale!

Cardil, The Bull

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A Portuguese Folk Tale sneak peak



Temptation and loyalty, is what our next Portuguese Folktale will bring you! Probably in the least expected way and the least expected results…

So be sure to visit soon and we’ll tell you all about it with the final illustration!

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A Portuguese Folk Tale – The Maiden’s Pearls ~ Lines Detail


We’re revisiting the Maiden’s Pearls illustration, this time with a detail of the lines of its cascade of waves, quite fun when it came to inking how the curls turn and curve, each with it’s own twist. Also works as therapy to calm the brain!

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A Portuguese Folk Tale – The Maiden’s Pearls



It’s time for another retelling of a Portuguese folk tale!

The original translated title is something to brag about when it comes to length : “The Maiden from whose Head Pearls fell on combing herself” and this one is an open proof that sometimes the oral narration of stories ends up getting some parts either jumbled up or rushed, as a key element on this story appears out of nowhere despite being essential to the plot.
Despite that, this story immediately placed irresistible imagery in our heads and there was also the universal tell-tale of envy: Careful to who you trust your good news and beware of ill intentions towards others.
And now, story time!

There was once a woman with a son who was a sailor and a daughter that helped and kept her company.
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A Portuguese Folktale – Spider Groom


Sometimes the first idea becomes a draft of a second one and that’s exactly what happened to the Folk Tale “Spider’s Bride” that we posted before.

This was our first illustration for the Spider Bride Folktale, but we felt that more than the main character, we wanted to portray a quirky yet beautiful spider turned into a human bride.

Even when a work is finished it doesn’t mean that it will be shown, just like the one above. Except we felt it was an interesting fact to share about the times when you don’t share!

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A Portuguese Folktale: The Spider (Bride)



Portuguese folk tale time!
This charming little story seems to favor those that have a happy-go-lucky attitude towards life but nevertheless learn the value of being hardworking!
So without further ado, here it is, under the cut:

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