A Portuguese Folktale: The Envious Queen


After such a long time, we are very happy to once again share with you all another Portuguese Folktale!

 We also decided to divide it into two parts because we wanted to portray the two main characters in this story: the innocent young girl and, like the title says, the envious queen.

The theme of an older woman being jealous of a young one’s youth is a popular theme throughout many countries traditions and typically the odds are against the more mature protagonist.

Will it be different this time? Without further ado, we present you:

(translation, adaptation and art by StarTwo)

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Creature Feature – The Enchanted Moorish Maiden ~ Video


Art by StarTwo

We revisit the Enchanted Moura with a video of the digital inking process.

A lament in the wind whispering “Save Me”, a voice impossible to ignore pulls you towards the direction that made the hair on the back of your neck stand. But the dulcet voice is too sad and you feel compelled to accept the challenge to free her of this cursed afterlife. And you advance as many have done before… At your own risk.

Check the lines and full colour posts on the links below!

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Illustration Details – Snow and Goat’s feet


Art by StarTwo


Yuki Onna: Full Illustration and Lines


The Goat-Footed Lady: Full Illustration and Lines

Today we bring back two details of the illustrations we’ve done for the very different folktales of two dangerous ladies, wouldn’t wish you to meet any of them…

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Steering through new beginnings! ~ Lines


Art by StarTwolunarMouseLines2020_StarTwo

It’s time for the linework!
Permeated with the wishes of sailing full speed ahead, hopefully with less of a bumpy road and clear skies, as the steering wheel works with your efforts and the winds lead the ship through the most beautiful waters!

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