A Portuguese Folktale: The Envious Queen ~ Part 2


Welcome to the thrilling conclusion of this Portuguese folktale, The Envious Queen!
This last part is definitely not for the faint of heart, although like many other such tales, it was a favourite of young children in our families!
If you haven’t read the first part of this tale, we invite you to do so ►here◄
But nevertheless, we’ll share a small synopsis:

Concerned with the fate of his only daughter, an elderly father decides by means of mysterious arts to help her establish herself and induce fits of envy in none other than the kingdom’s Queen.

What task must his young (and probably traumatized) daughter accomplish for one final time? Let us discover together!

(translation, adaptation and art by StarTwo)

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A Portuguese Folktale: The Envious Queen Part 2 ~ Preview


Part 2 of the Folktale “the Envious Queen” is on the making! Oh, the drama!

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A Princess by Title and Fate – Jehnna from Conan the Destroyer


This is a starstruck, nostalgia filled point of view but to us, the 80’s are home to many wonderful classics of modern entertainment cinema.
And one of those pearls is Conan, the Destroyer from 1984! What’s not to love about this movie? Dark fantasy, action and such an iconic cast!
Definitely a movie to re-watch with a bowl of popcorn and forget about the heat or whatever it is outside.

As part of honouring one of our favourite movies ever, we drew Princess Jehnna, young and childlike and so naïve to the ways of the world.

Maybe next time, we’ll draw Conan :D?
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and like always,

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PS: We want this movie in 4k so we can study all the details thoroughly!

A Princess by Title and Fate – sneak peek


Sometimes it’s good to relax by watching old movies from childhood, after a really busy day.

Though we’re not going to reveal from which movie this adorable Princess comes from (not yet!), maybe there’s a clue here and there?

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A Portuguese Folktale: The Envious Queen


After such a long time, we are very happy to once again share with you all another Portuguese Folktale!

 We also decided to divide it into two parts because we wanted to portray the two main characters in this story: the innocent young girl and, like the title says, the envious queen.

The theme of an older woman being jealous of a young one’s youth is a popular theme throughout many countries traditions and typically the odds are against the more mature protagonist.

Will it be different this time? Without further ado, we present you:

(translation, adaptation and art by StarTwo)

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