Shaman-on-the-Making Morning Call (full)



The sun has been up and the ceremonies are not getting done on their own. This too is a great test to patience and character.
Breathing in and breathing out, she is still waiting for cooperation as patience starts to wear thin…

With the lines and detail posts, we cheer our Shaman Apprentice as she wakes up one of the participants on the ceremonies this month. Join us in hoping that the soul of the one that slacks off will be saved once she gets her hands on them.

★We hope you enjoy your weekend and stay inspired!★

Shaman-on-the-Making Morning Call ~ Lines



Here’s a look at our apprentice, devoting herself to be a Shaman and her timely predicament (check the detail with her troubles right here), this time you can check the whole illustration’s linework.
A digital piece, trying to summon the feeling of the lines you get when using a brush pen, with that rich full stroke without losing the possibility of making the line thinner.

★Wishing you a great week and stay inspired★

Shaman-on-the-making Morning call



Practising and giving her best at her arduous path to become a Shaman is nothing compared to keeping the ones responsible in the rituals to show up on time…

The sun has been up for a while now, how long until you come out? It’s your turn to be part of this month’s ceremony. Get up.

We understand, the bed is probably pulling one of those magnetic stunts and you’ve tried to get up numerous times already. But to be honest… We don’t think anyone should take the risk and make her wait any longer!

★Enjoy your weekend and stay inspired★