Cover for Cirsova Summer Special #1



With the heat wave going by it became more than appropriate to share with you pictures of the copies we received for which we made the cover art. Yes, that’s right! None other than Cirsova, the “Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense” Summer Special #1.

These have traveled far and wide but are finally home. Thank you, Cirsova Publishing!


We illustrated the story named “Halcyon” by Caroline Furlong and received wonderful guidance and the story itself to read.

It’s always somewhat magical to try and fish the underlying imagery and mood that is put into the narrative to then do the utmost to condense it into one single image and we doubled our happyness since not only Cirsova’s team but also the author herself gave a thumbs up to our interpretation.

You should definitely visit Cirsova Publishing’s blog post about this issue and get to know more about it and all the stories inside!

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Lulu Hardcover [with wrap-around dustjacket art!]

Fnac Portugal

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