The Tribe Game release!


For quite a while we have been working on game art for The Tribe Game and it has been released!

As good professionals we didn’t break the NDAs and it feels so good to finally be able to share the news!

Take a look at the official post and details✨ From the “The Tribe” website:

“The Tribe Game is a story-driven video game where the player gets to create their own custom character and step into the world of The Tribe. In this RPG (role-playing game) they will interact with many iconic characters and explore familiar places from The Tribe TV series. There are quests to be accomplished, profession skills to level up, items and resources to be found, battles to be won, and adventures to unfold… as the player tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic world and to keep their (and their tribe’s) dreams alive.”

Check out the cinematic opening from The Tribe official website

We’ll soon write more about the wonderful experience of making game art for The Tribe Game!

★Stay inspired★

Politeness in Declining ~ Video


Art by StarTwo

These are stills from the video process that we posted on instagram for the Politeness in Declining Illustration.
Posting a video on WordPress is now a premium feature and it’s not possible to embed Instagram links either, so we are left with the option of leaving you with a link:

This work was done on a software called Clip Studio Paint EX, which allows you to automatically save the progression of your work (after enabling the option, of course) and that makes everything so much easier to share. And that for us counts as an instant win!

★stay inspired★

Thank you!


Art by StarTwo

Happy Friday, everyone!

It’s a little hard to believe, but we have had this blog for over half a decade now – despite only comitting fully over the last year.

This little blog was first created as an outlet to our creative frustrations, back in 2014. At the time we were all bright eyes and bushy tails about how to handle a blog and soon enough StarlitDen became like an old backyard, overrun by dense vegetation, with a few sprouting posts here and there like pretty, accidental flowers.
We dare you to go down our rabbit hole and check it out (well, we know some of you have already done it *nudge nudge, wink wink* and we’re extra thankful for your interest)!

Here’s a couple of examples of our rather hit and miss, endearing, blogging years:


And this:

Oh yeah and this:


2019 was the year we decided to grow up and give you a reason to follow us. We started sharing weekly content and give this blog a much-needed direction and now, almost one year and a half later we are overjoyed with the results which could not have been possible without you, dear visitors!


We have still a lot to do, share, and grow and we are grateful that you have made the choice to follow us and like our content. Thank you for being here, we hope you will stick around for a long time.

So dear followers, new and old, thank you for your support and for helping us turn StarlitDen from a forgotten backyard into a wonderful garden! You’ll always have a place here with us!

★Stay safe and stay inspired★

Creature Feature – The Enchanted Moorish Maiden ~ Video


Art by StarTwo

We revisit the Enchanted Moura with a video of the digital inking process.

A lament in the wind whispering “Save Me”, a voice impossible to ignore pulls you towards the direction that made the hair on the back of your neck stand. But the dulcet voice is too sad and you feel compelled to accept the challenge to free her of this cursed afterlife. And you advance as many have done before… At your own risk.

Check the lines and full colour posts on the links below!

★Stay safe and stay inspired★

Burning Gaze on Troubled Water ~ Video


Art by StarTwo

A traditional sketch to digital inking process of the illustration named “Burning Gaze on Troubled Water” or -as the previous posts about this illustration mention – the dangerous dance of the cherry tree petals.

You can check the lines and also the final result in full colour on the posts linked below!

★stay safe and stay inspired★