Lunar Year 2019 wip


work-in-progress (wip) for Lunar Year’s illustration of 2019

Hey everyone!
Here’s a little sneak peek to leave a curiosity seed for our next illustration.
Look forward to this next Friday as we’ll celebrate the New Lunar Year with you!

★until then, see you soon and stay inspired★




“In this ocean of stars we found each other,

and that’s why we are StarTwo”

Welcome one and all to a place where words become artworks.
We invite you to become a dreamer and surrender to imagination as we share with you our work, thoughts and inspirations.

★There will always be a comfy seat waiting for you at Starlitden★

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Quick pinup to be study


This might not correspond to the final product… teehee ♥

Hi there everybody! Here’s the Cat and the Fox together at long last to start bringing you posts more often! This marks the beginning of a true team-ness feeling for this blog! Woohoo!!!


Truth be told, it always saddened us that there was no true way to show that these posts are actually written by two people/pests so we hope the adding of our avatars will change that!


Yep, this feels a lot better! So today we’re dropping this quick concept art for a future pinup. We usually discuss an idea, then we do a quick character study until we’re satisfied and then we add a bit of colours.


We might tweak the colours when we get closer to the final product but what matters is getting a feel for the character first.


This is it for now! If you have any questions for us don’t be shy! We’ll be more than happy to reply the best we can. And now back to celebrating this success and more to come soon! Bye everyone!

Red and her bodyguards



▲▲Click the images▲▲

Today we bring you a bit of the unexpected. Meet Miss Red and her bodyguards~

Before you start wondering how rushed it looks we want to confess! This was supposed to be a simple preliminary study on composition and colours for something we’re working on that ended up getting a little more rendered than planned.

We really don’t mind, it almost gained a life of its own, and that’s always a good feeling for us♥

Now back to work!!★★


Work in Progress and Inktober regrets



Woe and worry, unsettled little maiden still matching the moods of October…Goodbye to the past and Hello November! Treat us well as we both keep doing our best★★

We couldn’t keep up with the Inktober movement this year due to work but we hope we can do it next year! And that’s because we love nibs and we hope the nibs love us ~♪

In this work in progress we used Deleter products to ink: nib holder (customized a bit for comfort), G pen nib and for the ink, Black #3.

Do you also sometimes ink traditionally? If so, which materials do you use?
We have seen so many style and tools used that it gives the feeling that truly to each his own comfortable method. At least we abide to that.

A big hello and bigger thank you to our new followers! Welcome, and drop us a line any time!

Keep inspired and take care!★★