The Wolf and the Hawk ~ Sneak Peek



Hello everyone,
Here’s a bit of a sneak peek, and as an added challenge… Can you guess one of our favourite movies of all time?

★Have a great week and stay inspired!★

A Japanese Folk Tale: Yuki Onna Wip



In fear of the Yuki Onna’s wrath from knowing we have two Japanese Yuki Onna themed movies lined up but haven’t come around to watch them, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you the sketch stage of the Yuki Onna illustration as an appeasing resource (inking and light colouring was done digitally).

The weather is also getting better over here, which makes us wonder: do Yuki Onna yokai hibernate during spring?…

★Have a great weekend and stay inspired!★

Shin Megami Tensei – Alice WIP


Alice’s smile makes you wonder what her goal really is…

Hi everyone,
Here’s a sneak peek of the lines for an illustration of Alice, a character from the game series “Shin Megami Tensei”. More about her soon!
(This is a traditional sketch coloured digitally)

★Until then, stay inspired★

A Portuguese Folk Tale: The Spider Bride WIP



Hello everyone!
Here’s the work in progress for the illustration of a Portuguese Folk Tale named “The Spider Bride”. We’re looking forward to posting this one very soon!

★stay inspired★

Black Douglas WIP



This Friday let’s talk about Scotland’s Black Douglas.

★see you soon and stay inspired★