The Wolf and the Hawk ~ Ladyhawke


Always together, eternally apart

The nostalgia bug decided to pay us a visit!
Part of the 80s fantasy boom, Ladyhawke is a charming fairy tale movie that we hold dearly to our hearts.

Without going too deeply into the plot -and we came across dozens of lovely articles about it- the movie introduces us to Isabeau and Navarre who are cursed lovers.
Though always together, the two are kept apart by a demonic spell that steals their human forms.
Navarre turns into a wolf by night and Isabeau into a hawk by day. Only for the merest fraction, during either twilight or dawn do they almost see each other, but even then, their minds are still lost in their animal form.

How tragic and wondrous for a young heart! <- that was us.

But since we are still hopeless romantic fools, we decided to give a go at drawing the ethereal and beautiful Isabeau and her faithful love, the fierce Navarre. More than trying to do our own version of these fated lovers, we could only see them as the actors in the movie Ladyhawke, and since it came out before the book we feel that it’s even more fitting.

We get the feeling we will be revisiting this theme in future illustrations along with the movie and we really enjoyed trying to make the characters look like Rutger Hauer as Navarre and Michelle Pfeiffer as Isabeau.

We hope you get the chance to watch it sometime or to re-watch! And you can also check the linework sneak peek for this illustration right ►here◄.

★Enjoy your weekend and stay inspired!★

The Wolf and the Hawk ~ Sneak Peek



Hello everyone,
Here’s a bit of a sneak peek, and as an added challenge… Can you guess one of our favourite movies of all time?

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Teaming with Beasts


Muffled crackling sounds on a cold night.

Rustling in the woods, rushed breaths through the silence and the crushing of dead leaves on the ground making you feel a shiver up your spine.
All of these can lose in comparison to the beasts you decide to team up with though. Given that you chose well, of course.

A Huntress and her Companion, brought together by circumstances and teaming up by choice. In all fairness they both have a good sense of humour, so don’t worry if you happen to meet them on a walk through the woods.

To be honest, if you decide to go for a walk at such a late hour on a cold moonless night… You are definitely the suspicious one.

Check out the lines for this illustration.

★Team up well and stay inspired!★

Teaming with Beasts ~ Sneak Peek



Hi everyone,
Here’s a quick preview of an illustration on the making we’re eager to share with you, but for now enjoy this snippet!

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Inktober 2016 – Day 29


Always be wary Mr. Wolf… It’s Halloween season and poisoned candy is a possibility~♥

Yay, in two days it will be our favorite holiday again! You better be careful out there and give some good thought about your costume for Trick-or-Treating, lest you attract the wrong type of crowd!

Halloween is starting to be more popular in our country nowadays but alas, this year we don’t have time to party. Is anyone dressing up this year? If so, what will your costume be? We’re always curious as to what everyone’s choice is when it comes to trick or treating!✦