Burning the midnight oil



We got two events on the first two weekends of September and as time rushes by, we’re getting work done and ready for them. We’ll make sure to share with you guys some wips and hopefully no frustrations! This cute demon girl is a study for a poster although we don’t know if we’ll be selling it on this event or not yet. Decisions, decisions…

Welcome to the WWW!


meow_meow_Couple_FINALHello, hello! Did you miss us? We sure missed you and your support and we’re back today with a brand new feature for this blog! Well, that’s just a fancy way of saying you’re going to get another drawing to check even if it comes with a twist!

Weirdness online. We all stumbled upon it once or twice (or thrice) and there are many, many things in this vast virtual land that makes us go “whaaat?”. So we have decided, as a good way to keep our skills sharp and also give a bit of who we are and what makes us tick, to once in a while do a sketch or a full artwork based on the silly, crazy stuff that we come across.

So yes, welcome to the Weird Wide Web by Startwo!! Woot! And to kick things off, here’s a pic based on one of the weirdest videos on Youtube – Meow Meow I am a cat.
What is it about this thing that got us? From the really wonky 3D animation, to the cryptic vocals/words and setting, these humanoid creatures that call themselves cats, are the best. They have such a weird pattern and death like stare that you can feel it stealing your soul. The worst/best bit is that you end up with the nightmarish mantra they sing in your head for quite a while to the point of obsession… hm, maybe it’s just us. Teehee?

Like we said, we’ll be doing more of these from now on to challenge ourselves and if you would like to send us links to weird videos or images, go ahead! Just please, nothing overly gross or sexual, we would like to keep this blog youngster friendly ♥ 

See you all soon and for those of you who are enjoying the summer time, Happy Holidays!

The Costume History book review


Once in a while we’ll make an attempt at reviewing some of the stuff we use in our daily jobs. This is one of these attempts. Be gentle. Also, you can just slide down to the images in case you’re in a hurry ;)

It’s wonderful to be in the digital era where search engines bring us all the amazing research we need but some stuff you can’t find online (or you can, but not in the highest of resolutions.) So whenever a massive book on Historical costumes appear, it’s like a blessing from above.
One of those books is Taschen’s “The Costume History” by Auguste Racinet.

Within its 400+ pages you’ll find depictions of clothes worn around the world but you get more than one flavour of these, since the book is divided in 4 different chapters and each covers a certain period. It’s a wonderful travel from the ancient eras all the way to the 19th century. This book gives a true sense of costume evolution since you get to see what some countries donned from the medieval era, to the renaissance, to the dawn of the modern era.

Other extremely important things in this book are the depictions of not only the clothes but also hairstyles, jewelry and even some of the every day items in the lives of these far away people as well where they lived. True, it’s not thorough enough but it’s a good starting point to further your research.

Lastly, we’d like to say that this book does not teach you how these clothes were assembled or even put on. Many times you won’t find how the costumes looked from more than one angle which is something that for us can become a bit frustrating but the thousands upon thousands of images from nobles to peasants, daily life depictions and luscious colours are truly fabulous.

Click on the images to see the full size if you like ♥








Hope you enjoyed this mini review and let us know your thoughts! Do you have this book too? What’s your favourite historical costume?